WVU Jr Eagles Changes for 2024-2025

MYHA Girls Families, please take note of changes being made to the WVU Jr Eagles 10U/12U/14U programs for the 2024-2025 season. Please direct any questions to WVU Chair Randy Miller, please find contact info at the bottom of the page.


Hockey families,

WVU Jr Eagles has changed its approach to our program for the 2024-25 season. This was a result of efforts to try and grow our skater base as well as be good economical stewarts to our cooperative associations. We have decided to centralize the girls program within the Ice Hawks organization for the upcoming season. With nearly 80% of our participants being from the Stevens Point area, this made the most sense for the first year of trialing this approach. What does that mean for families outside of the Stevens Point organization? For the 2024-25 season, you will be registering with Ice Hawks if you choose to play girls hockey for the season (Link below). You do not need a release from your current organization (unless financial obligations remain from previous years). You will complete all necessary DIBs and fundraising through Ice Hawks as well. (Actual volunteer obligations and fundraising requirements are outlined on their website). All practices and home games will be played at Ice Hawks arena. As of today, we have registration set-up for 10U (2014-2015 birthyear) and 14U (2010-2011 birthyear) families.

For our 12U families, we continue to work on a solution for the upcoming season. Due to low returning numbers, we are seeking a couple of options for our 12U skaters:

Option 1: We gain enough players to host a 12U team at Ice Hawks. If you're planning to play 12U girls, PLEASE email me ASAP so I can begin to tally our total interested skaters.

Option 2: We've begun discussions with CW Storm to understand where their program resides and explore options to combine if needed.

Option 3: Skaters will return to their home associations and play co-ed for the 2024-25 season

These discussions take time and are hard to finalize this early, but it's good to get everything on the table as soon as possible so we have time to exhaust all options for our 12U families.

As a side-note, there will be no dual rostering eligibility under this new model. We're optimistic this is the right approach to get our numbers back up to sustain the co-op model in the future. Again, this approach will be year by year taking all variables into account when it comes to "where" we will centralize our girls team(s).

Ice Hawks Registration: click here

Looking forward to another season ahead!!

Thanks all,

Randy Miller

WVU Chair