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How SCRIP helps YOU and MYHA?

SCRIP is an incredible fundraising tool. Members can earn money just by using gift cards to pay for your everyday purchases. Each gift card has a rebate ranging from 1.5% to 20%. You can earn rebates all year round!

90% of the rebate earnings go towards the family.

10% of the rebate earnings go to the association to help pay for the SCRIP program administration fees and support the MYHA program.

What is SCRIP

SCRIP is voluntary program. Instead of using cash, check, or credit to pay for your groceries, restaurants, clothes, gas, etc., you use gift cards. You will pay face value for any SCRIP (gift cards) you purchase and 80% of the discount, from your order, will be credited to your skater’s player account.

Example:  If you order a $50 Applebee’s gift card, Applebee’s gives us 8% ($4.00) back. Of that $4 – 90% ($3.60) will be credited to your skater’s player account and 10% ($0.40) will go to the association to pay for shipping charges and other expenses.

In early July, a SCRIP rebate check will be mailed to your family (before hockey registration).

Please note: The credit amount will show at 100% of the discount from your order. Please remember that only 90% of the credit will go towards the skater’s player account and 10% will go to the association to pay for shipping charges and other expenses.

How do I order SCRIP?

There are 2 options. The first option is to:

1. Check out the Scrip Order Form or to view the available gift cards. 

2. Contact your SCRIP Coordinator to let her know your gift card order. 

3. Payment will be via check upon distribution of the order.

The second option is to:

GO to the online website:

1. Set up your own personal account

2. Contact your SCRIP Coordinator to get the online code needed to register.

3. Next, sign-up for Presto Pay, which handles the withdrawal of funds from your bank account to pay for your scrip purchases. This payment service, managed by Great Lakes Scrip Center, is similar to PayPal/Venmo and allows for the direct, electronic payment of your scrip purchases, rather than paying MYHA.

4. Complete the Presto Pay registration form and agree to the terms of service, select "Yes" and "I agree".

5. Next, enter your checking or savings account information. Complete the account verification process. 

6. When you place an order for scrip online, it will be held until the coordinator releases the association's combined order. Your order will be on its way to MYHA for distribution to you. Orders are generally received 7 or 10 days after being released by the coordinator.

How often are orders placed for SCRIP?

Orders for physical SCRIP cards are placed two times per month; the 1st and 15th of every month (order is due by 12:00 p.m.).

When will I receive my SCRIP?

The physical SCRIP cards are shipped or picked up by MYHA and then distributed to MYHA members. SCRIP orders are typically ready in approximately 10 business days after the MYHA order is placed. When the scrip order arrives, the coordinator will contact you to arrange payment and distribution.

As an added convenience more and more merchants are being added to the "reloadable" category and the "scrip now" category. This means that for these cards you can order whenever you need and not have to pick anything up!


Please contact our SCRIP Coordinator

Ann Kolstad

SCRIP Coordinator


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